A freshly brewed boost of power

Its 5am and my house is asleep. I’m sipping on a 6oz cup of freshly brewed original roast coffee with french vanilla creamer. Embracing my peace, enjoying the stillness of the moment. I’m content right now, enjoying my coffee for what it is.

There was a time I would say, “coffee sharpens me up quickly, its the power boost of my day.” I would sike myself up to thinking that my day was doomed when I miss that morning cup.

Doomed, Really?

Be careful what your emotions put out into the universe.

Thinking and feeling that loud and clear almost always created just what my mind told it too! A rabbit hole day of doom.

I changed my mindset and my life changed.

I started to realize after finally waking up my consciousness. That believing that missing that morning cup would make for a not so good day, was how my day became not so good.

How in the world am I gonna let missing a cup of coffee dictate the start of my day.

I needed something more sustainable.

The answer became clear.

Connecting to my higher self.

To the self that is unlimited and eternal. The part of me that excites inspiration, guides my intuition and teaches insight.

The part that sharpens my thoughts and keep them on a positive flow. The part that says; hey this is you, not that person.

To get to that higher part of self.

I needed to maximize my morning by squeezing in a few moments of meditation.

Meditation became key! It help me get calm, focused, and to that higher level of mind that coffee simple cannot touch.

With coffee, you’re just gonna crash and burn.

With meditation, the only crash your gonna get is a crash course in connecting to a healthy you.
Meditation reduces stress, anxiety, depression, and pain, it gives you peace sparking that freshly brewed boost of energy your mindset needs.

So the next time you enjoy a cup of coffee, take a few moments and use it as a reminder to tune into your higher self, that’s really the freshly brewed power boost you need. You WILL notice the difference!

Love, Light & Energy

Thank you for reading!

❤ Pamela

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9 thoughts on “A freshly brewed boost of power

  1. I agree with this totally. If we start the day with a positive frame of mind, our day will be positive too. It’s all about the vibes we send out to the universe x


  2. I hadn’t read this as am a tea man myself. I’m Irish, was raised on the stuff lol
    Glad I did though. Meditation not really my thing but changing your mindset is key. Bit of conscience thought goes a long way.
    Loving your vibe!


  3. Hadn’t read this before as am a tea man lol. (I’m Irish and was raised on it)
    Meditation not really my thing but changing your mindset is key. Bit of conscious thought goes a long way.
    Loving your vibe!
    Hope this comment doesn’t appear twice been having issues with them.
    Much love, Chris


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