You are who you associate with


There’s a piece of wisdom my mom spoke most of my life. You are who you associate yourself with.
When I was younger, she warned me to be careful who I chose to spend my time with. She said this because she knew the influence my friends could have over my thoughts for my future.

She wasn’t as concerned in my younger years but as I aged she stressed it more often than not.

If you want to have greatness in your life you need to surround yourself with people that think such of themselves.

As a teenager this didn’t connect in the way that my mother would have liked.

I spent many years with the wrong people trying to do the right things.

I soon realized some of them had no dreams, no goals and no vision for their future so how could they encourage mine.

I dream in color. Which means, I’m usually animated when it comes to sharing my dreams. I’m bold about it.

The thing I’ve learned is friends should never be downers about their future, nor yours.

This will weigh heavily on your psyche, and your thoughts will start to transform to theirs.

My mother knew what she was talking about. Soon as I reevaluated my surroundings, my ability to do what I love gave way to a brighter future and now I’m here doing what I love. Blogging!

Look around, examine your existing relationships. It is better to be alone than in the company of some of them.

If you associate with eagles you will soar to great heights.

Love Light & Energy

Thank you for reading!

❤ Pamela

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