Be the Boss of your own Life

The month of January has come to a close. Most of us started our year with a resolution.

I hope your resolution includes, being the best YOU that you can be in 2019.

What are you saying about yourself? What are you thinking and communicating to the world about you? Because energy will bring that back to you.

Here’s what I’m saying.

Words have the ability and power to manifest the good, the bad, the pretty or the ugly.

When I write or speak I will always give you my truth, then flip it to the pretty! So that pretty can follow me!

I need to be the boss of my thoughts because the world is built on energy. Whatever energy/words you put out is whats going to manifest into your life.

That’s it…

Energy is controled by YOU! By the Words you let out of your mouth.

I am ugly… telling yourself that enough times brings in depression. It can’t deliver you anything else.

I am beautiful… telling yourself that enough times, will deliver back to you confidence.

Can you see the difference?

Be careful what you read, watch, listen too and who you associate with.

It’s got to be uplifting always. This will give you boss thoughts, which create Words to combat any negative of the brain. Unlocking the key to a successful YOU!

Seek positivity and watch all things unequally yoked flee from your life, it can’t exist in your world. You’re not gonna have to push it away, it will flee on it’s own because it can’t breath near you.

If you’ve been speaking brightness into your life say goodbye to darkness, it can’t live in that energy space.

So here’s what I’ve been doing. Talking directly to my subconscious, and effortlessly amping up my all round positivity (my boss thoughts) so I can attract that into my reality.

Keep “Rollin with the Rollins,” 2019 is your year!

Love. Light & Energy

Thank you for reading!

❤ Pamela

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