How I control the voices in my head

I am a storyteller outside of blogging. Ive written and produced 4 dramatic plays, written 2 children books and did a collaboration with, “Women of color devotional bible”.

The question, that is usually asked after each one of my works.

“How do you know how to write? Where does that creativity come from? I wish I was a writer.”

Uhm, do you really?

My answer…

I don’t know if I’m a writer or just someone who is really good at controlling the voices in my head. The voices that want to wreck havoc over my life.

The voices that want me to go on a mental kick, go crazy, manic, bananas or just plain depressed.

The voices that take away my freedom, and make me want to lay in darkness, away from every living soul.

Those voices, I’ve turned them into living breathing people, that I control. Ive named them, visualized how they look, their hair texture, their build, their smell as well as the sound of their voice and all of this have been put on a paper.

Now, I can do whatever I want with the paper.

I can crumble it, burn it, soak it in water. I can basically destroy it if I choose too. (Really not sure if I destroy the paper if the voices would go away or not) because I’ve chosen to create characters out of them. To tell their story (my story).

I find this to be the healthiest way for me to turn those negative voices into something positive.

Controlling your voices

  • feel more alive
  • develop a better relationship with your voices so they don’t interfere with your life or your own choices.
  • turn them(your life) into a positive force to help others

You dont have to give into their demands! You can be in control, own it and demand better from it.

I’m no therapist or claim to say this works for everyone, but it’s what work for me and has helped me be more accomplished.

Love, Light & Energy

Thank you for reading!

❤ Pamela

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9 thoughts on “How I control the voices in my head

  1. I never looked at it that way! I always joke about them being my multiple personalities and being able to use one in different scenarios but honestly it CAN be pretty exhausting. Perhaps bringing them to life and being productive with them is key. I’m not sure if I’ll ever declutter the madness up there! 🤣

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