Life is like baking a cake

Life is like baking a cake!

The things needed are supplied by you!

It can be messy, time consuming, and sometimes impossible to get just right.
Baking requires exact measurements. It requires the best recipe and ingredients. This may include but not limited too. Good cake flour, premium butter and oils, grade A milk and eggs, pure vanilla extract, and sugar. You can make it as sweet as you like.

You’re mixing it (your mind) getting it ready for the oven.

These are the things you have control over. Your choices and decisions. Which may include, your education, friends, your lifestyle. The better you choose, the better your life will be. Choose less than the best and you’ll still have an Ok cake, but it might not turn out exactly how you envisioned it.

You’ve just put a batch of intentions into the oven (universe).

Your ambition is burning as intensely as ever, ready to set your abundance on fire.

The cake is done, its moist, ready to be shared with as many who want a slice.
We are given talents, intelligence and choices.

There are things we can tell ourselves, many ways we can frame it that can help us understand and win.

This is just one of the metaphors I use to be a better me.

My cake dont always turn out right but everyday is a new day to bake a new cake, to make the right choices (ingredients) for my life.

What are some metaphors you use to make a better you?

Love, Light & Energy

Thank you for reading!

❤ Pamela

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10 thoughts on “Life is like baking a cake

  1. I love this metaphor. As I see it we bake cake over and over all our lives with mixed success. If one doesn’t turn out then bake another one.

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