My thoughts

They can be dark and scary no place I like, so I breath in, exhale out, in an attempt to discard my plight; traveling into the inner part of my being searching for something thats alright.

But my thoughts are hard to tame, so I keep thinking things that are insane, things that can surely cause me hurt, harm and a multitude of pain.

I continue my breath pattern, hoping to make the awful thoughts scatter, so that I don’t crack, crumble or shatter.

But these thoughts are stubborn, only wanting to think things that make me suffer.

So I take in a deep breath, tuning my ears to my breath, finally bringing my thoughts to its sudden death.

Oh my

I am finally here, here in complete silence, and the energy that looms feels like a gentle rain shower.

I sit for a moment in all of its glory, I am intrigued with the energy source and here to tell the story.

I can feel the sun, with its luminous glow, blazing its ray of sunlight helping everything grow.

I can see the clouds, wrapping its arms around nature, presenting its element of air, for all of us to share.

I can hear the river, as it gently flow, directing us to the ocean, where rocks simply glow.

Then theres the trees, it blows its colorful leaves as a way to kiss, giving us a taste of possibilities, filled with unlimitness.

Our thoughts are the energy that enliven our lives. If we keep it in harmony, it brings about a positive vibe. Life opens up and we feel alive.

Love, Light & Energy

❤ Pamela

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