How do I stay?

It’s 7am. I sit in my comfy chair with my legs stretched, feet overlapping the top of my ottoman. My head leaned back against the colorful pillows, my eyes pointed toward the ceiling. A feeling of peace and relaxation overwhelms me, hypes my energy and crowns me.

Living a moment of complete silence in happiness, without questions of past or tomorrow, being totally absorbed by the beauty of right now.

The sun is starting to rise, a luminous ray of light glares through the window, beaming on everything in sight.

It is February, one of the coldest months of the year, yet the sun still rises even when the clouds try to hide it.

The ground is covered with heavy crystals of snow yet all is clear.

The temp in my house is on high, my windows are sweaty but I feel as though gentleness has embraced my soul.

I’m in wanderland gliding like a fairy, traveling freely across the land sprinkling magic dust everywhere.

I quietly listen, I can hear the birds chirping its praises, their tuned to the earth obeying their very nature.

The fairy is to slow, my mind starts to go… “I can’t let it go,” I start to harmonize with the flow, gathering all the necessary tools, building, piece by piece, layer by layer.

Then out of nowhere here comes the wind a burning sense of defeat, bulging its way in.

I am no longer in harmony. My peace has taken a backseat.

The gathering of branches, mud and leaves, sowing it together in the trees all for it to blow in the distance and leave.

My mind is all over the place. What’s for breakfast? Am I prepared for my meetings today? What will I write to inspire my followers to stay?

I sigh!

How do I stay?… To be continued!

❤ Pamela

Love, Light & Energy

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