How do I stay? #2

Photo image provided by The Vivant

I lift from my chair, I’m not going into despair. I’ve read all the necessary books to keep me from going there.

So why do my mind keep taking me there?

Is it because I feel like others have more to share. That their life is on track and mine is unfair.

Do they understand how to move forward and not look back? Setting goals and priorities to keep them on track.

Is it that they listen to the rhythm of nature and have figured out a way to make them relatable.

How do they break down these inner walls and live their life through their inner soul?

“Stop!” I yell.

Wait a minute let me put some thought in to it.

I then sit back in my comfy chair, stretched my legs abroad and relaxed into a breath of fresh air.

My inner and outer-self was full of light. My whole body felt warm and vibrating with life.

I soon realize the birds are still there, singing their sweet praises without any care. Embracing the gift of life that we equally share.

My mind ease in comfort and my energy flow propel.

How do I stay?

I have courage, I have drive, if I stop comparing my life then I too will arrive.

I am not you and you are not me. I am someone who is in pursuit of her own dreams.

I am unique, made like no other, comparing myself is a mistake that will get me in trouble.

I can watch the trees, the birds and the leaves and try to understand its flight, but in actuality, I have to see greatness in my own life.

My visions have to steer clear of a mess, so that life can mirror back nothing but the best.

I’ve learned that success comes far more easily when we are driven by a higher sense, then life will mimic back its essence.

How do I stay?

I stay by being me, living life and being free.

Making a commitment to myself and understanding that I have a story to tell.

Using gratitude to recieve latitude.

Being consistent and persistent in my whole attitude.

Staying in energetic alignment, playing my role, and doing my own assignment.

How do I stay? I believe in myself and do it day by day!

Love, Light & Energy

❤ Pamela

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