Learn to listen to your inner self

Learn to listen to your inner self: believe in your intuition and your creative power, go with that gnawing feeling in your gut.

Self trust!

I’ve been told to trust my gut. To listen to my inner self and trust my instincts

I believe we are more powerful than we give ourselves credit for. There is this “inner self” that is more intuitive than our outer self.

Call it Gut. Knowing. Insight. Soul. Innate Wisdom. That’s the voice I’m talking about.

It’s a hunch. A feeling. An inkling. A sense.

You dont have to be intuitive to feel this.

The dictionary defines intuition as, “the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.”

There have been times when I didnt listen to my gut then had to say, “something told me to do that or not do this, if only I had listened to my gut.”

If I tell you some of the mistakes I’ve made by not listening, you would probably cringe.

I’m not saying this for the sake of a blog. But, not listening to my gut cost me a million bucks! No kidding. Just imagine how that must feel. I’ve cried many days over that one.

Hence this blog.

Anywho, back to my point.

We were gifted with this inner “knowingness” this voice, that can lead to an empowered life filled with desired results.

It’s not a voice you hear neccesarily, but a sense or feeling (though for me its both). It can be a hunch or a strong impression. “Listen to your gut” it provides a powerful and trustworthy indication when determining the right course of action.

I had to finally admit theres a part of me that’s more intuitive. (I am human so there’s another voice that counters but that’s another blog).

What I’m referring to is when you get this strong sensation or this impressionable feeling in your inner being to go a certain route.

We often have a feeling or a sense of something, but in that quick moment, our logical mind kick in to try to comprehend the feeling.

Our mind is more likely gonna go with what’s rational, which sometimes doesn’t include our gut feeling.

I’m not gonna loose out on a million again. I promise you that one. If something needs to be done, I will listen to my inner voice. Knowing that the universe will send it to me.

Learn to Listen to Your Inner Self

With that being said, let’s look at how to connect to our inner wisdom.

1. Calm down. Meditate.

When my mind is calm, the connection to my wiser self is stronger. Be still, be quiet in that moment. This helps you to pay attention to the feeling.

Meditation is one of the ways I connect to self. In meditation you are in that quiet moment and can be guided to making better decisions.

2. Don’t push so hard.

Im good at bullying life, forcing results. Waking up on autopilot pushing my way through a daily routine. The more I try to push, the slower things go.

That’s where staying calm comes to play. When you’re on autopilot that leaves no room for your gut to kick in.

3. Wait.

Your inner wisdom will kick in when your patient. Dont make quick decisions, try to feel your way to the answer. Patients is a virtue, stand still and wait for the answer. We all have a intuitive side so the feeling will come.

4. Trust

Trust that you have this inner guidance, waiting patiently for you to notice – your personal compass to guide you through the waters of life.

Now you can proceed calmly. You need not hurry, search, or change things. You can step back and be guided and cared for.

Love, Light & Energy

❤ Pamela

6 thoughts on “Learn to listen to your inner self

  1. From reading your post, I realise that I am often at war with my inner self. As you have rightly stated, trust in one’s self and belief in innate intuition is necessary for self elevation. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. I am bad at alll of these things. I have that classic modern day thirst for instant gratification and become very frustrated with myself if I feel I am taking too long to accomplish something. It has made continuing my education that much more frustrating. But I think for my waiting “patience” is certainly key.

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