Taste the beauty

Every morning I rise with the intentions of tasting lifes beauty.

What that means to me is that I have to turn my glasses around and see life through a different lense.

That lense illuminates my soul. It’s the openness in which I allow all things to have its say and to appreciate what it is saying even if I don’t agree with it.

It means to not be judgemental of life but to expand life into my heart mind and soul.

When I open my heart and mind up; I find that it is exhilarating, appealing, and inspiring.

My soul resonates with their tears and it understands their pain.

It helps me see the good in everything that life holds.

People have been through so many ups and downs so they tend to live life from that part of their heart. You don’t always know what that is… so when you see it or feel it, you have to assume that they are good people going through some bitter times, and that they have not opened their soul up to listening to their inner being. That part of them that knows how to taste the sweetness thereof.

We cannot undo what is done, but we can learn how to channel it into wisdom which sets us free.

The beauty of life is not what we see but how we see it. Taste the beauty because when you do, you understand that you are the caring soul that life needs in order for the beauty to shine through.

Love, Light & Energy

❤ Pamela

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