Keep calm and let go!

Sometimes we need to relax, let go, and have faith that things will work out.

I felt this blog befitting, because I find myself trying to control every aspect of my life. That is ok to a certain degree. Sometimes being too much in control doesn’t allow me to be free, to do more important things.

I feel like, if I don’t control this or that, things won’t work out for the good. I have the hardest time relinquishing my power, letting go, delegating to others.

I call this fear!

Fear plagues our consciousness, and serves as a natural instinct. But fear rarely benefits us in our lives.

We live in a stressful, anxiety filled world. Through all of the stresses, we try to find the few things that give us power. That’s what drives the impulse to control. This control is not only unhealthy, but it teaches us to never let go; keeping us in a fearful state of mind, instead of a calming one.

Many moons ago I worked for a lady, that had back problems. She was in constant pain. One day she acknowledged that she controlled all other aspects of her life because she couldn’t control her pain.

I’m not sure if that was the right approach or not. Maybe she could have delegated more things to relieve the stress, which in term may have relieved some pain. Just my thought!

“You must learn to let go. Release the stress. You were never in control anyway” ~Steve Maraboli

Unconsciously, we are putting stressful fears into the universe and that’s usually why things don’t go right if not done by us. We’ve already claimed that as our truth. And we look for the not done right, instead of understanding people can do things differently and still get the same outcome.

You see!

We need to learn how to let go and trust that others are placed in our lives to serve, just as we are to serve them.

Trusting others is humbling, and rewarding, you’re showing that you are ready to give up your mental control, releasing fear and giving it over to something bigger than yourself. You’re saying, “I trust you. I dont need to control you.”

This is magical and can be very peaceful. Its showing that you’re able to let go a little and let life happen.

Not everything need to be perfect and you’re not gonna fade into your anxiety by releasing some of that pressure on yourself. It can be liberating knowing that you dont have to always be in control.

I’m learning everyday, to be a better me and that includes getting rid of fear, my controlling tendencies and living by faith. Faith that everything I need is already given to me. That includes people, placed in my life to help me get to my desired outcome. So I can just keep calm and let some things go!

Love, Light & Energy

❤ Pamela

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