Hello I’m Pamela, and welcome to my blog. I’m here to spread love, light and energy through my journey into being me.

My focus will always be to promote love, light and positivity, (energy vibe) in an effort to help us live an inspired life.

My love for writing started at the age of 10. With strict parents, I was not able to do adventurous things with my friends, so in my bedroom most evenings I would create wild adventurous stories that took us (my friends and I) on make believe journeys.

In my adulthood, I am the author of the well received children books, “Straight and Narrow, 2000,” and “Life sure feels different living in a separate house from my brother, 2010.”

In 2000 my love for writing poured over into theater and I wrote sold out shows such as, “The Devil didn’t raise you,” “Queen P,” and “Shuga God made us free.”

Please check me out (weekly) every Monday 10am central for a new blog!

Love, Light & Energy

❤ Pamela

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